Grandma’s Dream

Grandma’s Dream

This play raises some questions about being jewsish.First of all is difficult to give one definition about what is Judaism. For religious people it is clear. There are no doubts, like in all religions. They believe in God without any restriction and as a consequence they believe in all the Holly scriptures like the Bible (old testament), Talmud, etc. and they live according to the commandments of the Tora.But today, in a world so advanced in sciences and high technologies, the majority of people all over the world are no religious in the traditional meaning of this word. So for those people it is not so simple to explain what makes him feel jewish.A one-woman play. Andy is a young Jewish New-Yorkese who falls in love with a non-Jewish fellow student. Her parents, especially her mother, are not happy about this. This surprises Andy because her education wasn’t particularly Jewish and her parents never seemed very religion oriented.The arguments between Andy and her mother escalate, the atmosphere at home isn’t pleasant. The only person at home who seems to empathize with Andy is her grandmother. Something her grandma says, and the memories she has of stories told to her by her grandfather, make Andy decide to join some friends for a visit to Israel.The visit is a very emotional and memorable one for Andy, especially Yad-Vashem, the Holocaust museum. Andy decides to stay in Israel to study.The play deals with different aspects of the problem of being an American Jew. It is designed to trigger discussion about Jewish identity and the significance of the existence of Israel for Jews abroad.
Grandmas Dream

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